Parking operation hours are as follows:

Monday through Friday: 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Alex Carrera, Parking Manager
Phone: 310.207.3030

Please note that in order to exit the parking structure after Parking Operation closes, all visitors must have enough validations or pay by cash at the exit gate.

There will be no parking operations on Sunday. Entrance can be gained into the parking structure only through Cardkey access or pulling ticket and paying by cash when exiting.

There are three (3) types of parking available: Monthly Parking, Daily Parking and Validated Parking.

Parking Rules & Regulations

  1. Tenant shall strictly comply with all posted speed limits, directional signs, yield signs, stops signs and all other signs within or about the parking facilities.

  2. Tenant shall register all vehicle license plate numbers with the Parking Office.

  3. Tenant shall be responsible for the cost of repairing any damage to the parking facilities or cleaning any debris created or left by Tenant, including, without limitation, oil leakage from motor vehicles parked in the parking facilities under its auspices.

  4. Landlord, in addition to reserving the right to designate one or more areas solely for visitor parking, which areas may be changed by Landlord from time to time with or without prior notice to Tenant, reserves the right to allocate additional visitor spaces on any floor of the parking facilities. Tenant shall not park any vehicles in any spaces designated as visitor only spaces or customer spaces within the parking facilities.

  5. Tenant shall strictly comply with all rules, regulations, ordinances, speed limits, and statutes affecting handicapped parking and/or access, and shall not park any vehicles within the fire lanes, along parking curbs or in striped areas.

  6. Tenant shall only use the number of parking permits allocated to it and shall not permit more than one of its employees to utilize the same parking permit. Landlord reserves the right to assign or re-assign parking spaces within the Parking facilities to Tenant from time to time, and provided Landlord is required to do so by reason of any action arising out of a governmental mandate imposed on Landlord, Landlord further reserves the right at any time to substitute an equivalent number of parking spaces in a parking facilities or subterranean or surface parking facility within a reasonable distance of the Premises.

  7. Except with Landlord's managing agent(s)' prior written consent, Tenant shall not leave vehicles in the parking facilities overnight, nor park any vehicles in the parking facilities other than automobiles, motorcycles, motor-driven or non-motor-driven bicycles or four-wheeled trucks or vans. Landlord may, in its sole discretion, designate separate areas for bicycles and motorcycles. Tenant shall ensure that vehicles parking in the parking facilities by using the parking permits assigned to Tenant shall be parked entirely within the striped lines designating a single space and are not so situated or of such a width or length as to impede access to or egress from vehicles parked in adjacent areas or doors or loading docks. Further, all vehicles utilizing Tenant's parking permits shall not be higher than any height limitation that may be posted, or of such a size, weight or dimension so that entry of such vehicle into the parking facilities would cause any damage or injury thereto.

  8. Tenant shall not allow any of the vehicles parked using Tenant's permits, or the vehicles of any of Tenant's suppliers, shippers, customers or invitees to be loaded or unloaded in any area other than those specifically designated by Landlord for loading.

  9. Tenant shall not use or occupy the parking facilities in any manner, which will unreasonably interfere with the use of the parking facilities by other tenants or occupants of the Building. Without limitation, Tenant agrees to promptly turn off any vehicle alarm system activated and sounding an alarm in the parking facilities. In the event said alarm system fails to turn off and no longer sound an intruder alert fifteen (15) minutes after commencing such an alarm, Landlord shall reserve the right to remove the vehicle from the parking facilities at Tenant's sole expense.

  10. Tenant acknowledges that the Rules and Regulations as posted herein shall be in effect twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, without exception.

  11. Tenant acknowledges that the uniformed guard officers and parking attendants serving the parking facilities are authorized to issue verbal and written warnings of Tenant's violations of any of the rules and regulations contained herein. Except in the case of a car alarm continuing to sound in excess of a maximum of fifteen (15) minutes, in which case no further notice by Landlord shall be required. If Tenant or Tenant's agents, contractors, directors, employees, officers, partners or shareholders continue to materially breach these rules and regulations after expiration of written notice and the opportunity to cure has been given to Tenant, then in addition to such other remedies and request for injunctive relief it may have, Landlord shall have the right, without additional notice, to remove or tow away the vehicle involved and store the same, all costs of which shall be borne exclusively by Tenant and/or revoke Tenant's parking privileges and rights under the Lease.

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